North End Blues

by Sleepshaker

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released June 1, 2013

Engineered by Justin Felix and Alexandra Palmer at Compact audio Recording Studios in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada
Produced by Sleepshaker and Justin Felix
Artwork by Stephen Moir

Sleepshaker is:
Harley Shea - Vocals
Tyler Killam - Guitar/Vocals
Owen Williams - Guitar
James Bentley - Bass/Vocals
Braeden Kaulbach - Drums

All music by Sleepshaker
Lyrics written by Harley Shea, additional lyrics in 'Eyes Wide' and 'North End Blues' written by Tyler Killam and James Bentley



all rights reserved


Sleepshaker Halifax, Nova Scotia

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Track Name: Eyes Wide
We see it all around us
The castration of modern society, the slow death of chivalry
While being told to ignore what's so blatantly in front of us
Day to day, we bear witness to our own decay

And I'll hold my whole world way up high, so you can't bring me down
Fuck what you've heard, and let come what may
I won't make the same mistakes, I have found my own way
I will be the change that I want to see
We will be, the change that we want to see

It's been said, again and again
But how is it that you can just stand by as this all slips through our hands
Track Name: Deadbeat
This is my reasoning for never being a deadbeat burnout, a black lunged ghost
For me to believe that we can break away, break away from these chains
That have been holding us down, keeping me from realizing what's beyond me
Let our souls run free

Never will I ever leave my moral compass wayward or let the world bring me crashing down
Take hold and take heart, never leave this in the hands of doubt

We've been made out to be a debauchery when the life I lead is what means the most to me

So I'm holding onto hope
For the voiceless and misdirected
The light within the dark, to look past all the trouble and hardship

I know I'm worth more than this, but sometimes I can't shake the notion that maybe I won't come out of it a better person, this train of thought has been tearing me apart

And I've sold myself short way to many times, giving in to insignificance
Watching time pass me by
As the world waits for no one, not a savior, nor a martyr so why should I?

Like my father always said, "you'll always have bad days, but not every day is bad"
This is my reasoning for never being a deadbeat burnout, for me to believe that we can break away
I know I'm worth more than this
Pull yourself together kid
Break away and rise above
Track Name: North End Blues
There must be some way to forget the endless days and sleepless nights
Somethings got to give, some things I just have to forgive
Looking past the past I've put it all behind me, but the back of my mind is something else entirely

I need this now more than anything
The direction I've set myself in, to be who I know I can be
This is realisation, this is being aware of the situations that I've put myself into
Some fights always stay with you
(I need this now more than anything, and I realize that this innovation is caving in on who I use to be, I've got one fucking chance and I'm not wasting it)

Take the hits as they come
And as you call out my name, I'll take every word spoken, every detriment thrown my way and spit it in your face
You convoluted pig
Spit it right back in your face

What do you take me for, a coward with a crutch, a lamb to the slaughter raised to be bought and sold?
I am not who I used to be

I've got a bad back, and tired weary knees in my twenties
(Take your place, stand down and take your place) (x4)

I've got a bad back, from dragging you and all your shit behind me

For once I've found myself at the mercy of my own indiscretions, everything caught up to me
Ignorance is a virtue, being conscious is the hell that I've made for myself, haunted like a house
In desolation is no way to live, I'm washing my hands of this
(I need this now more than anything, and I realize this innovation is caving in on who i use to be, I've got one fucking chance and I'm not wasting it)